Besides hot sales of Dinosaur Costume, Only Dinosaurs Production provides custom service. As per customers’ requirements of color, size, outline, even a completed photo design, our team creates custom realistic animatronic costumes that satisfy our customers. Till now Only Dinosaurs Production has successfully made lots of custom animatronic costumes as realistic nadder dragon costume, realistic chocobo costume, realistic ogretail costume etc… We will create more custom products to satisfy customers.

Realistic Chocobo Costume
Client asked us to customize one Realistic Chocobo Costume to present EGX(Eurogamer Expo) 2016 which is the biggest game event in UK.
Realistic Ogretail Costume
Japanese game production company of GOD EATER asked us to customize Realistic Ogretail Costume to present comic-con.
Realistic Nadder Dragon Costume
Nadder Dragon is the hottest Realistic Dragon Costume. Till now, over 20 costumes are sent to UK, USA, Russia……
Realistic T-Rex Costume
Custom Design Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume, which marked scar on its face.
Realistic Spinosaurus Costume
Jurassic Extreme from USA ordered its 6th “Dinosaur Costume—Spinosaurus”
Realistic VelociRaptor Costume
Colorful fur is on body of VelociRaptor Costume. Our Ukrainian ordered and use for local carnival.
Realistic Dilophosaurus Costume
Realistic Dilophosaurus Costume with function of spitting water. Our Ukrainian ordered and use for local carnival.