If you want something unique, our designers and engineers can make it happen. We can customize the size, shape, texture, sound effect etc…For you Only. To provide the best custom animatronic creation, we never assume something can’t be done. We are always confident that a way can be found if you try hard enough. That’s how we work at ONLYDINOSAURS PRODUCTION.



Nadder Dragon Costume

Nadder Dragon Costume

Nadder Dragon Design

Ogretail Costume

Ogretail Design

Chocobo Costume

Chocobo Design

T-Rex Costume with Scar

T-Rex Costume

T-Rex with Scar Design

Walking Spinosaurus Suit

Spinosaurus Costume

Spinosaurus Costume Design

Walking Dilophosaurus Suit

Dilophosaurus Costume

Dilophosaurus Costume Design

Velociraptor Costume

Raptor With Feather Design

Triceratops Costume


Firedragon Puppet

Firedragon Puppet

Firedragon Design


Custom Animatronic Spinosaurus

Animatronic Spinosaurus

Spinosaurus Design

Animatronic Quetzalcoatlus Family

Animatronic Quetzalcoatlus

Quetzalcoatlus Design

Animatronic Glyptodont

Animatronic Glyptodont

Glyptodont Design

Red Cartoon T-Rex Model

Red Cartoon T-Rex

Red Cartoon T-Rex Design

Yellow Cartoon Triceratops

Yellow Triceratops Design

Animatronic Blue Cartoon Brachiosaurus

Blue Cartoon Brachiosaurus

Blue Brachiosaurus Design

Ice Age Manny

Ice Age Manny Design

Ice Age Diego

Ice Age Diego Design

Ice Age Scrat Animatronic

Ice Age Scrat

Ice Age Cartoon Scrat Design

Custom Animatronic Dragon

Animatronic Dragon

Dragon Design

Fiberglass Cartoon Figure Statue

Fiberglass Cartoon Figure

Cartoon Figure Design

Fiberglass Cartoon Parasaurolophus Statue

Cartoon Parasaurolophus

Cartoon Parasaurolophus Design

Cartoon Ankylosaurus

Cartoon Ankylosaurus Design

Cartoon Tochisaurus

Cartton Tochisaurus Design

Cartoon Stegosaurus

Cartoon Stegosaurus Design

Cartoon Old Dinosaur

Cartoon Old Dinosaur Design

Animatronic Spinosaurus

Animatronic Spinosaurus

Animatronic Spinosaurus Design

Animatronic Epidendrosaurus

Animatronic Epidendrosaurus

Epidendrosaurus Design

4m Animatronic Velociraptor

Animatronic Velociraptor

Fiberglass Velocitraptor statue

Animatronic Talking Tree

Talking Tree

Talking Tree Design