T-Rex, the star of Jurassic World, is the most popular dinosaur in China. Have you ever supposed to feel T-Rex in reality? Stop suppose. The T-Rex Costume made by Only Dinosaurs can bring you an incomparable Fantastic Adventure experience.

T-Rex Costume for Birthday Party
Walking T-Rex Costume for Birthday Party

Although it is just a Realistic T-Rex Costume, it still has lifelike movements and roars: The earthquake-like footsteps, the muffled thunder roars, the sharpness claws and the shuddering face make the T-Rex powerful and majestic.

Brave Warriors!Do you dare to approach to this Real T-Rex?


In 2015, a group of warriors made a long trip to picked up their Walking Dinosaur Costume. They drove to China from Germany, via Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Kazakhstan. What a praiseworthiness and commemorative journey! The acceptance of German clients is the best appreciation to our Dinosaur Costume made in China.


The appearance, color, sounds and the functions etc. of the realistic T-Rex costume can be customized as per your design. Are you interested in our walking T-Rex suit? They are in the cage waiting for the warriors’ challenge. If you are not afraid, CONTACT US NOW!