The Scarlet Walking Dragon Costume‘s production inspiration is from GAME OF THRONES. Only Dinosaurs Production’s sculpture work according to original type of the Dragon Pet, which is in Daenerys Stormborn’s hands.
The Dragon is second walking animatronics costume for Andy — “Meet Pete Dinosaur Hire” in the UK. They provide walking dinosaur costume hire services around the UK. For more details, open this link:

1). Size: 4 meters long, 1.8 meters high
2). Materials: inner stainless metal tube and CE certificated battery & outside high-density sponge and silicone
3). Movements: Eyes Blinking, Mouth open and close, Tongue up and down, Head left to right, Neck up and down, Tail swaying, Wings moving, Walking even running
4). Sound: Alive Dragon Roaring Sound
5). Power: 110/220v, 50/60hz

Dragon Sculpture Work

Dragon Costume Silicone Skin-Grafting

Walking Dragon Costume for Sale