Only Dinosaurs Production is acquainted with two-legs dinosaur costume. As a dynamic company in Walking Dinosaur Costume Industry, we must do something new.

Four Legs Dinosaur Costume

Our “Costume Designers” were engaged in researching four-legs dinosaur costume in the past few months. It’s based on Chinese “lion dance” which need two performers cooperated well with each other inside.

Jurassic Extreme Dinosaur Costume

Jurassic Extreme Triceratops Costume

Here’s our new walking dinsoaur product — Walking Adult Triceratops Costume. It is 5m long, larger than a common two-legs dinosaur costume.

Now the triceratops costume is on the way to her new home — Jurassic Extreme Huston. Ramsey — named by her master Oscar. She’ll be the 7th dinosaur member of Jurassic Extreme, and start her duty to amuse children on their Birthday Party,business event, Public Holiday and Festival……

Triceratops Costume Legs

Triceratops Costume

Triceratops Costume Tail

Does anyone want to meet and touch our cute Triceratops Ramsey? Here is the contact info, We trust her owner Oscar would be very happy to introduce Ramsey to you.
Contact Person: Oscar Bravo
Phone:(713) 322-9509