OnlyDinosaurs Production specialize in creating Realistic Dinosaur Suit in China, especially Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Suit. It’s not kid’s pajamas or inflatable mascot costume, but realistic dinosaur costume with lifelike skin.


Do you notice the skin of this Tyrannosaurus Rex suit? Fined texture and color are all based on the natural museum data of the real Tyrannosaurus Rex. According to these data we restored the real lifelike skin Tyrannosaurus Rex.


OnlyDinosaurs Production is the specialist in creating Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Suit for Adults. We can customize the lifelike skin Tyrannosaurus Rex Suit as per your favorite color. If you want to purchase our Real Tyrannosaurus Rex Pets, please feel free to CONTACT US.

 Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume
Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Suit