The creatures who live in 20 thousands years ago come back again—ICE AGE ANIMALS. You could touch biggest elephant species in the world—Mammoth; roar with first-class killer of ice age—Smilodon; ride biggest deer species in the world—Megaloceros… (Our creative work is to bring true life to ICE AGE ANIMATRONIC ANIMALS)

Ice Age Animatronic Mammoth
Ice Age Animatronic Baby Mammoth
Animatronic Baby Mammoth
Animatronic Smilodon
Animatronic Smilodon
Ice Age Phorusrhacos Model
Animatronic Paraceratherium
Animatronic Animal Gigantopithecus
Animatronic Cave Bear
Animatronic Animal Andrewsarchus
Animatronic Hipparion
Animatronic Animal Megaloceros
Animatronic Megaloceros
Animatronic Titanoboa
Animatronic Glyptodont
Animatronic Elasmotherium
Ice Age Elasmotherium Model
Animatronic Megatherium
Ice Age Megatherium Model
Animatronic Woolly Rhinoceros
Ice Age Woolly Rhinoceros Model
Animatronic Phorusrhacos
Animatronic Platybelodon
Animatronic Macrauchenia
Animatronic Pyrotherium
Animatronic Embolotherium
Animatronic White Yak
Animatronic Homo Sapiens
Animatronic Homo Sapiens
Animatronic Cartoon Mammoth
Animatronic Diego Smilodon
Animatronic Scrat Squirrel


Coming to experience Safari Adventure! We fabricate lifelike animatronic creatures with rain forest style, such as Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Rhinoceros and much more at your request.

Animatronic Tiger
Life Size Tiger Model
Animatronic Crocodile
Life Size Crocodile Model
Robotic Crocodile
Animatronic Elephant
Animatronic Snake
Animatronic Boa
Animatronic Hippo
African Hippo Model
Animatronic Zebra
Zebra Family Model
Animatronic Lioness
Animatronic Parrot
Animatronic Parrot
Animatronic Parrot
Animatronic Giraffe
Animatronic Frog


Diving deeply with our Animatronic Ocean Creatures such as penguin, polar bear, walrus, seal…! The creatures give guests of all ages the chances to travel to encounter and understand a wonderful ocean world!

Animatronic Polar Bear
Animatronic Penguin
Penguin Family Model
Life Size Penguin Model
Animatronic Walrus
Animatronic Snow Seal