On Feb 22nd , 2017, our installing team(8 technicians) arrived in Singapore for assembly of our 3 Giant Animatronic Dinosaurs – 20m long T-Rex, 20m long Triceratops & 20m long Brachiosaurus.

Install Red T-Rex Model

Finished Red T-Rex Model Installation

Our worksite in Singapore is Gardens By the Bay, where thousands of tourists visited and enjoyed everyday. After 1 day rest, our team commenced assembly on 24th Feb, 2017.

Install Yellow Triceratops Model

Giant Triceratops Model Installation

Install Blue Brachiosaurus Model

Giant Brachiosaurus Model Installation

After 11 days hard work, the technicians completed installation — 3 sets of giant dinosaur models, including LED lamp band, which is customized by our clients to show dinosaur’s outline at night.

Giant Animatronic Dinosaur Models

LED Animatronic Dinosaurs