In 12th January 2017, the client from UK Ali went to our DINOSAUR FACTORY, checked the fiberglass cartoon dinosaur sculptures and animatronic dinosaurs before transportation. The cartoon dinosaur sculpture was the key for the whole project — “GOOD DINOSAUR STORY” exhibition 2017.

Fiberglass Cartoon Stegosaurus Statue

Fiberglass Cartoon Ankylosaurus Statue

In November 2016, Ali once went to our factory for business negotiation. At the same time, placed the order, which customize fiberglass cartoon dinosaurs depend on their design. 35 days’ production later, total six cartoon dinosaur statues and 10 animatronic dinosaurs were done.

Ali highly appreciated our fiberglass dinosaur works, and he was fulfilled with the final statue and color. It’s 95% close to original design. Planed to buy more cartoon sculptures soon for his “GOOD DINOSAUR STORY” in another city in UK.

Fiberglass Cartoon Tochisaurus Statue

Fiberglass Cartoon Parasaurolophus Statue

Fiberglass Cartoon Boy Statue