Recently, we customized a 1.5 meter long Pneumatic T-Rex head with lifelike roaring and movements for our British client. Different from the Animatronic Dinosaur Production, it is a new type of advanced robotic dinosaur product which is more powerful.

Pneumatic Dinosaur Metal Frame

Pneumatic Metal Frame

Life Size T-Rex Head Model takes our team one month to manufacture. Because of the change of transmission system, our engineers have to design new mechanism and edit new movement program. The air compressor pressure needs to be adjusted to designated value, which enable each movement lifelike.

Pneumatic T-Rex Head Sculpture Work

Pneumatic T-Rex Head Texture Work

Pneumatic T-Rex Head Silicone Skin

Now, the pneumatic T-rex head has served in the Britain for three months. It brought people unforgettable memories in Comic-cons, Children’s birthday parties and corporate events of Britain. Our client is very satisfied with the good business effect of Pneumatic T-rex head, and willing to order more pneumatic dinosaur heads, such as Triceratops, Dilophosaurus, etc.

Pneumatic T-Rex Head for UK Customer