Do you want to hug our Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet? It is puppet, but hard to distinguish from realistic baby dinosaur. Our baby dinosaur hand puppets have soft & smooth skin, bright & blinking eyes and cries for hunger. These real baby dinosaur features are all perfectly showed on our dinosaur puppets.

Realistic Brachiosaurus Puppet
Realistic T-Rex Hand Puppet
Realistic Triceratops Hand Puppet
Realistic Triceratops Puppet

When the performer holds our realistic dinosaur puppet to operate the movement and roar, a real baby dinosaur is brought life. Kids will be happy and excited when playing with such lifelike baby dinosaur. They wish the realistic dinosaur puppets can show in their birthday parties.

Realistic T-Rex Puppet
Realistic Triceratops Baby Puppet

Three kinds of realistic dinosaur puppets are popular — Realistic Baby T-Rex Puppet, Realistic Baby Triceratops Puppet and Realistic Baby Brachiosaurus Puppet.

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Baby Triceratops Hand Puppet
Realistic Triceratops Puppets
Realistic T-Rex Puppets
Baby Brachiosaurus Hand Puppet