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Walking Dinosaur Costume Hire in Slovakia

For now, We have a Walking Dinosaur Costume hire Option in Slovakia — DINOSAURUS S.R.O Due to lack of dinosaur amusement and playing in Slovakia, the T-Rex would be attractive for birthday party, public holiday, private event etc….. On the arriving of first day, T-Rex rushed to downtown without waiting. kids were very excited when [...]

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Dinosaur Costume Prank

Depends on the retroaction from OnlyDinosaurs’ fans, we count out top two hot events, which involved our Walking Dinosaur Costume. First one is dinosaur themed birthday party for kids. The other one is the most popular Dinosaur Costume Prank. Normally, our dinosaurs alive would hide in a “surprising” place, such as staircase of underground parking, [...]

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Giant Dinosaurs at Gardens By the Bay, Singapore

On Feb 22nd , 2017, our installing team(8 technicians) arrived in Singapore for assembly of our 3 Giant Animatronic Dinosaurs – 20m long T-Rex, 20m long Triceratops & 20m long Brachiosaurus. Our worksite in Singapore is Gardens By the Bay, where thousands of tourists visited and enjoyed everyday. After 1 day rest, our [...]

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Walking Adult Triceratops Costume

Only Dinosaurs Production is acquainted with two-legs dinosaur costume. As a dynamic company in Walking Dinosaur Costume Industry, we must do something new. Our "Costume Designers" were engaged in researching four-legs dinosaur costume in the past few months. It’s based on Chinese “lion dance” which need two performers cooperated well with each other inside. Here’s [...]

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Zoorassic Park Visiting in Singapore

On March 2017, our team worked in large Animatronic Dinosaur assemblage in Singapore. In the meantime, we were invited to visit Singapore Zoo, where our life size dinosaur-models were exhibiting from May 2016. 9th March, we came to Singapore Zoo at afternoon. After delicious Chinese lunch, we were lead to Zoorassic Park of [...]

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Fine Work of T-Rex and Triceratops Skull Replicas

Today we’ll show people our top-class quality Skulls of T-Rex & Triceratops. Look at the texture, cracked lines, dark brown colors. It seems transcending millions of years…These significant dinosaur skull characteristics surprised paleontologists. ONLYDINOSAURS PRODUCTION is a innovative team who can reproduce dinosaur fossil in life size scale. The T-Rex and Triceratops skulls are in [...]

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How We Make Animatronic Tiger

One year ago (2016), one 2.5 meters long Life Size Animatronic Tiger was created for Lebanon client. The life size tiger model as part of Rainforest Theme attraction was placed in local shopping mall. SPECIFICATION OF ANIMATRONIC TIGER: 1). Materials: inner well-treated steel tube and CE certificated motors & outside high-density foam and silicone 2). [...]

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Walking Dinosaur Suit for Birthday Party

There is a group of vivid “Dinosaur Suits” in Houston, USA. They like playing with children in birthday party and eating yummy birthday cake. Their shining eyes, smooth movements and vivid roaring sound make it realistic. The life-size dinosaur suit love racing, dancing and playing football with children. It’s an impressive memories in the birthday [...]

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Walking Dragon Costume Production

The Scarlet Walking Dragon Costume‘s production inspiration is from GAME OF THRONES. Only Dinosaurs Production's sculpture work according to original type of the Dragon Pet, which is in Daenerys Stormborn’s hands. The Dragon is second walking animatronics costume for Andy — “Meet Pete Dinosaur Hire” in the UK. They provide walking dinosaur costume hire services [...]

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