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Custom Pneumatic T-Rex Head

Recently, we customized a 1.5 meter long Pneumatic T-Rex head with lifelike roaring and movements for our British client. Different from the Animatronic Dinosaur Production, it is a new type of advanced robotic dinosaur product which is more powerful. Life Size T-Rex Head Model takes our team one month to manufacture. Because of the change [...]

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New Design Lighter Velociraptor Costume

Walking Dinosaur Costume has always been the most popular series of OnlyDinosaurs Production. After years’ research & development, our dinosaur costume have been improved a lot. Not only the renewal of electronic components but also the use of lighter materials. Today we are showing you an agile and light walking Velociraptor costume made by new [...]

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Adult and Baby Animatronic Mammoths

Who is the most popular Ice Age Animal? The result is definitely the woolly elephant---MAMMOTH. These large mammals in Ice Age are about to come into being in the Only Dinosaurs’ factory. They are a mammoth family including adult mom & baby. It took one week to plant hairs and fur on both Adult & [...]

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Giant T-Rex Skeleton Replica

After one month hardworks from June to July 2017, a new kind of Dinosaur Skeleton Replica — 12 meters long, 4m high giant T-Rex skeleton replica came into being in OnlyDinosaurs dinosaur factory. For perfect fossil-looked texture, it takes more than three weeks for our talented team to discuss, research and make it. When the [...]

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Custom Animatronic Dimetrodon

Days ago, OnlyDinosaurs Production finished a group of Animatronic Dinosaurs for French client. Among these dinosaurs, the Animatronic Dimetrodon is the most innovative animatronic animal product. Our animatronics team used to make some full size animatronic dimetrodons before, with regular movements such as mouth opening & closing, stomach breathing, tail swinging, they are common products. [...]

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Animatronic Dinosaur Project for Turkey Client

In April 2016, two customers from Turkey came to visit our factory. They wanted to buy seven Life Size Animatronic Dinosaurs for travelling exhibition in Turkey. In following period of 2016, they would introduce the DINOSAUR THEME EXHIBITION TOUR PLAN to Shopping Malls, Amusement Parks, Business Plazas etc. around whole Turkey. After confirmed business Negotiation, [...]

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Fantastic Walking Chocobo Costume

In August 2016, we produced four fantastic Walking Chocobo Costumes. Our British client ordered them for 2016 latest FINAL FANTASY Launch event, EGX 2016. For the production of chocobo suits, they specially offered Chocobo’s design drafts and digital figure pictures. The 2.6 meters high walking chocobo costumes were manufactured step by step based on offered [...]

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Dinosaur Exhibition in France

Last year(2016), we created 14 Life Size Animatronic Dinosaurs for our client from France. They managed an Exhibition Company and used the animatronic dinosaurs as amazing exhibition. They also had dozens of orders of dinosaur exhibition project from local shopping malls, chateaus, parks, zoos, theme squares……in VICHY. In Christmas 2016, there was a creative event [...]

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Fiberglass Cartoon Dinosaur Sculptures

In 12th January 2017, the client from UK Ali went to our DINOSAUR FACTORY, checked the fiberglass cartoon dinosaur sculptures and animatronic dinosaurs before transportation. The cartoon dinosaur sculpture was the key for the whole project — “GOOD DINOSAUR STORY” exhibition 2017. In November 2016, Ali once went to our factory for business negotiation. At [...]

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Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits for Playground Golf UK

In January 2017, we made ten full size Animatronic Dinosaurs for Adventure Playground Golf UK. They are main roles for the entire project — “GOOD DINOSAUR STORY” exhibition 2017. Our British client were satisfied with all our Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits. It beyond his expectation. Planed to purchase more animatronic dinosaurs soon for his “GOOD DINOSAUR [...]

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