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Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Suit for Adults

OnlyDinosaurs Production specialize in creating Realistic Dinosaur Suit in China, especially Realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex Suit. It’s not kid’s pajamas or inflatable mascot costume, but realistic dinosaur costume with lifelike skin. Do you notice the skin of this Tyrannosaurus Rex suit? Fined texture and color are all based on the natural museum data [...]

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Italian Client Visiting–Finalize Animatronic Dinosaurs Order

Last month, Three clients from Italy visited OnlyDinosaurs. After long time business negotiation with our sales and technical team, they received our Animatronic Dinosaur. So they visited our factory to check animatronic dinosaur's quality when they made budget of animatronic products. There are two purposes for [...]

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Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Do you want to hug our Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet? It is puppet, but hard to distinguish from realistic baby dinosaur. Our baby dinosaur hand puppets have soft & smooth skin, bright & blinking eyes and cries for hunger. These real baby dinosaur features are all perfectly showed on our dinosaur puppets. [...]

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Jurassic World Dinosaur Suit

Have you ever imagine to have a Jurassic World Dinosaur Suit? Especially those keen velociraptors. What if the velociraptors rush out of the screen and play with you? Now OnlyDinosaurs Team makes it come true. Not only a dinosaur style costume for performance, Jurassic World Velociraptor Suit has a real dinosaur’s features: [...]

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Walking T-Rex Costume Made in China

T-Rex, the star of Jurassic World, is the most popular dinosaur in China. Have you ever supposed to feel T-Rex in reality? Stop suppose. The T-Rex Costume made by Only Dinosaurs can bring you an incomparable Fantastic Adventure experience. Although it is just a Realistic T-Rex Costume, it still has lifelike movements and [...]

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Real T-Rex Costume Purchase Online

The Purchase Online T-Rex Costume for adult is the best dinosaur themed property to interact with children and adults. We need to focus on the following keys of a Real T-Rex Costume: The Real T-Rex costume skin is colored realistically as per vivid T-Rex. It is a big challenge for our colorist to mix suitable [...]

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Raptor Costume with Lifelike Teeth Style

Only Dinosaurs Production has always been improving the details of Walking Dinosaur Costumes. To make it more lifelike, the eyes, claws and teeth are all based on scientific data as much as possible. Lately, we manufactured a new Raptor Costume, with more lifelike teeth, which is made of resin. After teeth planted inside [...]

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New Skin Texture Dinosaur Costumes

As an creative company which has been continuously improving the technology of Walking Dinosaur Costumes, we produced 2 sets of hidden legs walking dinosaur costumes ( T-rex & Spinosaurus) with advanced texture. With the direction of our project director, Our skilled fabricated workers who handle the skin texture improved a lot. [...]

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